Break obsessive and destructive food patterns and see real progress within the FIRST month inside the Courage Club.

Strategies that work to STOP Fighting FOOD & your BODY

The Courage club

(Spaces do sell out and are only offered to waitlisters)

(and start living life fully)

The Courage Club is for warriors determined to recover and offers real progress within the first month (and continued results over time).     

“I was alone in my recovery and needed extra support, guidance and a community to keep me accountable. The self-discovery work helped me understand why I’m the way I am and helped me to tap in the right places to heal.



pushed me beyond

The Courage Club really                                                   what I thought I could do.



"Support can look different from what you expect. It doesn't have to come from your family or friends or others that you share a home with. The Courage Club has been an incredible experience!"

This support system has been huge with staying on track and has helped me                                   in recovery!

grow stronger